The New APEC Development Corp.

The New APEC Development Corp.

Built on more than fifteen years of experience in the development of low-cost homes, The New APEC Development Corporation has always and will continue to help middle-income Filipinos acquire a home of their own. Known as a builder of townhouses and other units, they have projects in Cavite, Laguna and in Bulacan. Because it is every family’s hope to dwell in a safe, convenient, and comfortable environment, it is in turn, the company’s perpetual mission to ensure that each step is taken to fulfill that hope. The New Apec Development Corporation is also known for constructing communities strategically. Choosing prime locations, gathering quality materials, and employing efficient workers, are just some the guiding tenets in the building process.


We at APEC Homes want to build quality and affordable homes for every hard-working Filipino. For two decades, our attention has been focused on reaching this dream. Since the founding of APEC Homes in 1997 and we have been able to build over 50,000 housing units, we have not stopped our mission as a CREDIBLE and STABLE subdivision developer in the Philippines-to provide durability-tested homes, at an affordable value.

To be able to deliver an affordable home to a peaceful community is our wholehearted offering. Therefore, our operations are enthusiastically focused on building strong and stable homes – also the foundation homes of strong and stable Filipino families.

Because we know that it is everyone’s dream to live in a safe, comfortable and cozy home, APEC Homes continues and ensures that every step we take is anchored in fulfilling these dreams.


Batangas: Azalea Vista, Brixton Homes, Casa Isabel, Grandview Heights, Highlands Residences, Morgan Residences, South Brooke Village

Bulacan: Villa Zaragoza

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