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Lionunion Real Estate Inc. is a real estate agency company in the Philippines. It provides the latest and complete information about Philippine real estate projects, real estate prices, house price trends and other information that investors are most concerned about. Its business covers condominium, land, office buildings, pre-sale houses and second-hand housing transactions.


Our vision is to be the top real estate service provider in the Philippines and to expand globally as well. We also strive to be a company that everyone prefers to be a part of and is known for its unparalleled credibility and to be the integrated real estate company by serving our clients with market leading collaboration.


We go all out to inspire our associates to reach their full potential by creating an excellent results-driven working environment and presenting intensive investments. These innovative methods empower us to provide clients with honest, transparent, and unrivaled experiences that will eventually develop into long-term relationships.


Integrity, innovation, commitment, consistency, communication, and respect are the core values of our company. We don’t only take good care of our clients, we also take good care of our associates as well. By listening to both sides and taking time to understand our clients’ needs, we are able to offer excellent service that they prefer. Experiencing epic customer service, they’ll be sure to come again and even bring investors.

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