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Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. is a publicly listed property developer in the Philippines, known for its commitment to creating unique residential properties, particularly in Manila’s Chinatown. The company has successfully branched out into various property markets, including commercial, retail, office, warehousing, as well as hotel and resort developments. Their reach extends beyond Metro Manila, offering a diverse range of property solutions.

Condo for Sale: A Wide Array of Choices

Anchor Land offers a plethora of condos for sale, catering to different needs and budgets. In Manila, options range from Mayfair Tower starting at ₱7.3M to One Legacy Grandsuites priced up to ₱45.9M. In San Juan, Clairemont Hills offers condos starting from ₱19.6M. Paranaque features Copeton Baysuites with prices ranging from ₱9.7M to ₱80.3M, while in Pasay, Cosmo Suites start at a more affordable ₱3.6M.

Expanding to Davao City

In Davao City, Anchor Land has introduced 202 Peaklane, with condos priced from ₱3.2M to ₱8.03M. This expansion signifies the company’s commitment to offering diverse property solutions across the Philippines.

Office Space for Sale: A Growing Portfolio

Anchor Land is not just about residential properties; they also offer office spaces for sale. One Financial Center in Manila provides office spaces starting from ₱12M to ₱24M, catering to businesses looking for a strategic location in the heart of the city.

Spotlight on Projects



Mayfair Tower (Starting From ₱7.3M – ₱9.8M, 59.19 – 76.81 sqm, RFO)

8 Alonzo Parksuites (Starting From ₱10.3M – ₱22.8M, 61.90 – 138.10 sqm, Pre Selling)

Cornell Parksuites (Starting From ₱6.9M – ₱20.8M, 45 – 131.50 sqm, Pre Selling)

One Legacy Grandsuites (Starting From ₱16.7M – ₱45.9M, 105 – 264 sqm, Pre Selling)

Admiral Baysuites (Starting From ₱7.6M – ₱24.2M, 33 – 100.30 sqm, RFO)

One Financial Center(Starting From ₱12M – ₱24M, 79 – 139 sqm, Pre Selling)

San Juan:

Clairemont Hills (Starting From ₱19.6M and up, 204 sqm, RFO)


Copeton Baysuites (Starting From ₱9.7M – ₱80.3M, 31.20 – 261.80 sqm, Pre Selling)


Cosmo Suites(Starting From ₱3.6M – ₱6M, 21.1 – 34.5 sqm, Pre Selling)

Davao Del Sur

Davao City:

202 Peaklane (Starting From ₱3.2M – ₱8.03M, 22.10 – 54.80 sqm, Pre Selling)

Why Choose Anchor Land?

If you’re in the market for a condo for sale or an office space for sale, Anchor Land offers a range of options that cater to various needs and budgets. With projects in key locations like Davao City, Manila, San Juan, Paranaque, and Pasay, they provide a wide array of choices for property buyers.

Interested in exploring more about Anchor Land’s offerings in these key locations? Feel free to delve deeper.

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