Arthaland: Leading the Way in Sustainable Real Estate Across the Philippines

Sustainability at Its Core

Arthaland is unique in the Philippine real estate landscape, boasting a portfolio that is 100% certified as sustainable. The company has earned accolades from both local and international organizations for its commitment to sustainability, wellness, high-quality construction, and exceptional design.

Spanning Key Locations: Metro Manila, Laguna, and Cebu

Arthaland has a diverse array of projects across significant areas in the Philippines. In Metro Manila, notable developments include Eluria in Makati and Savya Financial Center in Taguig. In Laguna, they have made their presence felt with Sevina Park Villas and Una Apartments in Biñan. Additionally, they have expanded their reach to Cebu City with projects like Lucima Residences and Cebu Exchange.

Condos for Sale: Catering to Urban Needs

Arthaland offers a range of condos for sale that meet various lifestyle requirements. Lucima Residences in Cebu City has condos priced between 12.8M and 71.3M PHP, covering sizes from 49 to 258 sqm. In Metro Manila, the Eluria project in Makati offers condos starting at 143.09M to 336.3M PHP for sizes ranging from 288 to 579 sqm.

Houses and Lots for Sale: Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

In Laguna, Arthaland’s Sevina Park Villas provide house and lot for sale options starting from 19.6M to 33.7M PHP for sizes between 138 to 182 sqm. These homes are crafted with an eye for sustainability, offering a harmonious blend of luxury and eco-conscious living.

Office Spaces for Sale: Expanding the Offering

Arthaland also extends its expertise to commercial properties with office space for sale. The Savya Financial Center in Taguig has spaces ranging from 25.1M to 71.1M PHP for 81 to 212 sqm, while Cebu Exchange in Cebu City offers spaces from 30.09M to 88.9M PHP for 161 to 469 sqm.

Spotlight on Projects



Eluria (Starting From ₱143.09M – ₱336.3M, 288 – 579 sqm, Pre Selling)

Taguig :

Savya Financial Center (Starting From ₱25.1M – ₱71.1M, 81 – 212 sqm, RFO)



Sevina Park Villas (Starting From ₱19.6M – ₱33.7M, 138 – 182 sqm, Pre Selling)

Una Apartments (Tower 1 Starting From ₱5.8M and up, 42 sqm) (Tower 2 Starting From ₱6.08M – ₱10.7M, 28 – 42 sqm, Pre Selling)


Cebu City:

Lucima Residences (Starting From ₱12.8M – ₱71.3M, 49 – 258 sqm, Pre Selling)

Cebu Exchange (Starting From ₱30.09M – ₱88.9M, 161 – 469 sqm, RFO)

Why Arthaland is the Right Choice

If you’re looking for a condo for sale, a house and lot for sale, or even office space for sale, Arthaland has a diverse and sustainable range of options. With projects in Metro Manila, Laguna, and Cebu, they offer something for every kind of buyer.

Curious to know more about Arthaland’s sustainable real estate options in these key locations? Feel free to explore further.

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