Nugen Development & Management Corp.

NuGen Development & Management Corporation was founded in 2011 by a visionary leader who hails from a family with three generations of passionate builders. Gaining valuable experience from his family’s successful AAA construction business, company founder Engracio U. Ang, Jr., or EUA as his staff fondly call him, built NuGen from scratch. Frustrated with the abusive business practices of major developers during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, EUA vowed that he would someday be the developer rather than the building contractor. The company aims to become the developer of choice for the NuGeneration, delivering what the old guards fail to deliver: building sustainable developments that care for the environment, and provide superior shelter made accessible to everyone. NuGen is committed to equity among all its stakeholders, clients, suppliers, and building partners in the industry to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

PROJECTS OF Nugen Development & Management Corp.


Makati: NuGen Suites & Private Residences


Palawan: Le Kaza En Narra, Aplaya Le Kaza

Laguna: Jubilation Village

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