New San Jose Builders

New San Jose Builders

New San Jose Builders, Inc. is a privately held real estate company with a track record of quality and pioneering projects founded in 1986. Focuses on building trust by developing quality projects that meet the lifestyle needs of the modern Filipino. Their notable vertical integrations are the following: Victoria Towers, Victoria Station 2, Victoria de Manila 2, Victoria de Makati, Victoria de Malate, Victoria de Morato, Fort Victoria, Isabelle de Valenzuela and for their affordable homes, The Metro Manila Hills. NSJBI strives to continue to set a new paradigm in real estate development by constantly pioneering innovative approaches in developing sustainable projects through continuous improvement.


Our commitment is to continuously strive to deliver first-rate real estate projects that meet the lifestyle needs and growing demands of modern Filipinos; having our homebuyers’ satisfaction as our top priority, the company aims to provide only the best residential experience through quality, affordable, accessible, secured, comfortable and convenient homes.


To be the leading real estate company in the country that best understands and satisfies the needs and wants of every Filipino to own a quality home that they truly deserve.

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