Monolith Construction & Development Corporation

Monolith Construction & Development Corporation

Monolith Construction & Development Corporation is a 100% Filipino capitalized corporation established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since November, 1990.  Prior to this date, the company under the name of Monolith Builders, Inc. had been able to undertake several projects ranging from warehouses to residential and commercial buildings in Metro Manila and other cities in the south from 1987 to 1990.

At this time, the various structures attributed to Monolith total 43 high-rise condominium/ office buildings, 26 medium-rise office/ residential/ commercial buildings, 93 townhouse/ apartment/ industrial/ low-rise commercial buildings, pile driving/ excavation/ sub-structure works, 35 shopping malls, 5 hotel buildings, 12 institutional buildings, a 4.4-hectare convention center, 1 training and worship center, 1 site development works and a sports arena. Currently, Monolith Construction & Development Corporation is undergoing the construction of 9 high-rise commercial buildings, 4 medium-rise buildings, 4 shopping malls  to name a few

Among the most significant aspects of Monolith’s company policy are personalized service, systematic planning, time-efficient and cost-saving construction methodology, safe working conditions, and healthy working relationship; all geared towards producing high quality structures and serving satisfied clients.


Monolith Construction and Development Corporation is committed to be the nation’s market leader in construction industry and to be recognized globally; to be the employer of choice by people who seek career growth and great challenges; to be recognized as the fundamental company that consistently complies with the highest industrial hygiene standards and to be socially responsible organization to the communities and environment.


Monolith Construction and Development Corporation is dedicated to acquiring and accomplishing large-scale construction, producing quality projects and services, and ensuring safety through all the process while achieving a reasonable return on investment.  We are compelled to apply the best strategy in employing highly qualified people, effective employee enhancement and development, obligated to improve our retention status.  We promise to ensure the safety, security and welfare of our employees and company properties by providing safety programs and promoting health and wellness, to achieve zero harm and zero damages.  We are devoted to embark on Corporate Social Responsibility projects.



Truthfulness is the substance of our relationships.  By being true and transparent, we understand the concept of trustworthiness.  We are ethical in our ways and dealings, a trait being valued by our clients.


We care for the people we work with, our customers, our suppliers and our associates.  We show kindness and compassion to our people by ensuring their safety and help them achieve their goals.  We protect the planet we live in by complying with all the environmental laws and regulations of the land.


We exceed our customer’s expectations with our patience, hard work and self-discipline.  We are keen on project details, a major requirement in the industry we chose to operate. 


We are fair in our dealings.  We respect our associates’ rights to fair labor practices.  We show objectivity and impartiality in resolving conflicts.


We work as a team.  Teamwork is what drives the organization to achieve its goals.  We empower our associates through collaborative projects.  As partners, our associates enjoy the fruits of their labors for every project milestone.


We value merit and reason above all other considerations. We strive to rise above our own individual biases on ethnicity; gender; religion; status and educational attainment. We orient our people towards continuous improvement, with the goal of building a robust organization that would genuinely view the world through the lens of balance; sensitivity and responsibility.


We strive to build a more enduring company for the next generation of its leaders. Aware of the uncertainty of new challenges, we continuously work to improve our practices and our processes in order to strengthen the Monolith brand. We meet our commitments to all of the company’s stakeholders with an owner’s point-of-view. We value the development of our people as our most important link to the future.

PROJECTS OF Monolith Construction & Development Corporation


Quezon City: Rosemont Tower, Sentinel Residences

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