Maria Luisa Properties Group

Maria Luisa Properties Group

In today’s fast changing environment and challenging market, Maria Luisa Properties continues to be a key player in the real estate setting of Cebu. With her commitment to provide quality residential developments to all levels of income groups in Cebu, Maria Luisa Properties continues to expand her developments to new markets. As a boutique property developer, home owners are treated with personal touch and good service. At Maria Luisa Properties, clients are never just home owners, they are part of the family. Maria Luisa Properties…. Developing lifestyles and fulfilling dreams… Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Founded in 1965 by Mary Renner Osmena, the Maria Luisa Properties group started with the 10 hectare high end Maria Luisa Estate Park. Today, Maria Luisa Estate Park encompasses 200 hectares of prime residential property with the excellent reputation of being the most desirable and exclusive neighborhood to live in Cebu.

Over the years, the Maria Luisa Properties Group has also developed other residential subdivisions, ranging from high end subdivisions to low-cost housing, from condominium to house and lot packages.


Bound By A Common VISION, Inspired By Our Shared VALUES, We At MARIA LUISA PROPERTIES Are Unified To Achieve EXCELLENCE In Every Action.



Cebu: The Heritage, Maria Luisa Estate Park, The Highlands, Mahogany Place, 8 Maria Luisa, Redstone Village, Maryville Place, Dancing Sun Subdivision

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