Livingspace Development

Livingspace Development

THE LIVINGSPACE STORY In 2004, two young urban professionals, employed in their respective Makati corporate jobs, were in search of fresh ideas, seeking new and enriching endeavors that would broaden their experience, hone their skills, and take them to greater heights. The two young men shared a common interest for modern contemporary design and sustainability in housing and development. They are also interested in seeking advanced, efficient methods of construction that could be implemented alongside minimalist Zen design to bring about an aesthetic, physical improvement to the environment of the community-all this without incurring higher cost and saving precious time. With the desire to delve into a new uncharted path towards a more rewarding experience while having a lot of fun along the way, they decided to resign and step down from their corporate careers. This is the start of what would eventually be known as Livingspace Development.

PROJECTS OF Livingspace Development


Quezon City: Sikatuna Village

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