Fiesta Communities Inc.


FIESTA Communities, Inc. was born out of a vision of realizing hopes and uplifting lives through affordable housing for the Filipino working class.


F It starts with the Family, with top priority securing the welfare of the basic unit of the society.

I It opens the door of opportunity to that seemingly incapable class to manage their finances well and make good about their money, educating them on the importance of Investment.

E It provides a decent, dignified and safe living Environment, characterizing the festive and communal spirit of Filipinos.

S It addresses the problem of Shelter for the working class by ensuring certainty and security of home ownership, as envisioned by the government.

T It continuously innovates inexpensive, durable and reliable Technology to be able to provide housing units of good quality.

A It makes housing absolutely Affordable through the concerted efforts of the government, financial institutions and the private sector.

PROPERTIES OF Fiesta Communities Inc.


Pampanga : Fiesta Communities Porac , Fiesta Communities Dau , Fiesta Communities Dapdap Ph1

Zambales : Fiesta Communities Subic

Tarlac : Fiesta Communities San Rafael

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