Costa Del Hamilo

Costa Del Hamilo

Costa del Hamilo, Inc. is a high end developer and a subsidiary of SM Prime Holdings, Inc. It is the exclusive developer of the 5,900-hectare Hamilo Coast in Batangas, which is a leisure development project that celebrates coastal living. Out of its 13 projected coves in the property, the developer has already completed Jacana, Myna, Carola, and Miranda.


Envisioned to be a premier sustainable beach resort town, Hamilo Coast is a master-planned development carefully integrating residential, resort, leisure, commercial and institutional land uses and communities where beach resort living may eventually become an everyday lifestyle choice.


Through responsible planning and development, it shall grow into a vibrant tourism and leisure destination that preserves that balance between nature and modern living. It will grow into communities, each with a distinct character and value proposition, where life promises to be colorful and varies, yet balanced with the serenity and peace that comes from being in harmony with nature.



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