Angono Rizal Homes: Live in the Philippines’ Artistic Paradise

Nestled in the province of Rizal lies Angono, a first-class urban municipality that holds the distinguished title of the “Art Capital of the Philippines.” As the birthplace of national artists Lucio San Pedro and Carlos “Botong” Francisco, Angono radiates a creative spirit that is unmatched, mirrored in the ancient carvings of the Angono Petroglyphs. This cultural haven, currently vying for a spot in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, offers more than just artistic legacy; it is a burgeoning hub for prospective homeowners seeking the perfect blend of art, culture, and comfort.

A Tapestry of Barangays: The Fabric of Angono’s Community

Angono’s tapestry is woven with ten vibrant barangays, each with its own unique character and governance. From the serene streets of Bagumbayan to the lively avenues of San Roque, these neighborhoods are the lifeblood of Angono’s community-centric living.

Compact Splendor: Land, Population, and Growth

Despite being Rizal’s smallest municipality with a cozy 26.22 square kilometers, Angono boasts a population that thrives in harmony. With over 130,000 inhabitants, this town is a testament to the beauty of compact, community-driven growth.

Economic Palette: A Spectrum of Opportunities

The local economy is a vibrant palette of agriculture, manufacturing, and services, ensuring a stable environment for both families and businesses. Angono is also a cultural hotspot, with festivals like the Higantes Festival painting the town with a robust, celebratory atmosphere.

Real Estate Renaissance: Your Home in the Art Capital

Real estate in Angono is as inviting as its art scene. With a selection of affordable and quality homes, the opportunity to plant roots in this artistic enclave has never been more alluring. The key selling points are:

  • Accessibility: Commuting is a breeze with Angono’s connectivity to major highways and an array of public transport options.
  • Amenities: From SM Center Angono to the educational institutions like the University of Rizal System, everything you need is within reach.
  • Security: Peace of mind is part of the package, with vigilant community safety measures in place.

Featured Properties: Crafted for Comfort and Style

  • The Grove at Havila: Embrace the luxury of space in San Isidro, with house and lot units nestled amidst greenery, starting from Php 3.5 million.
  • The Hamptons Place: American-style homes in San Vicente, featuring resort-like amenities, with prices beginning at an attractive Php 500,000.

Conclusion: The Art of Living Well

Angono is more than a destination; it’s a lifestyle. It’s where the charm of rural tranquility meets urban convenience, where every street corner is a potential canvas, and every home is a masterpiece. Explore the properties on offer and join a community that celebrates life with vigor and artistry. For a life framed in beauty, choose Angono.

Source: wikipedia

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