3KLstar Realty

3KLstar Realty

We provide and assist Real Estate Concerns about BUYING and SELLING for a property in Cebu that best for you. As a 3KLstarRealty and Development Corporation, we are not only selling and Developing Real Estate Property but also helping each client to find their homes easier. This is a local owned business that enjoys working together while working hard for you. We have a large portfolio of Real Estate Dream properties that we have prepared and would appreciate your business.

We are pleased to offer houses for sale, from low cost to high-in houses, low-rent to high-rent properties. Farm Lot, Residential Lot, Commercial lot or Beach Properties in Philippines. Variety is imperative in choosing of properties for each individual’s need.

Please allow us to reduce your stress. Anyone can find a house; let us help you find a HOME. Rentals are hard work and require expert knowledge in real estate law and property management. This is our business and we are professionals. You will be treated with the utmost respect. Any obstacle you may find will be resolved quickly and efficiently. We are the best for you!

PROJECTS OF 3KLstar Realty


Cebu: La Cittadella Condo Residences 

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